Originally developed before the disastrous 2016 US elections, SRT's Democratically Speaking featured Gabriella Grier, Thomas Freeland, Gianna Clark, and Rush Rehm.

Hear SRT Artistic Director Rush Rehm discuss Democratically Speaking on KALW's Open Air, broadcast January 17, 2019:

November 2018, Four-Sided Triangle (SRT's adaptation of Ivan Turgenev's A Month in the Country), Bolshoi Drama Theatre, St. Petersburg, Russia

Gabriella Greer, Natalya, Four-Sided Triangle.jpg

Adapted and directed by Rush Rehm, with Gabriella Greer (Natalya), Benoit Monin (Mikhail), Gabe Wieder (Aleksey), and Emma Rothenberg (Vera); Costumes by Connie Strayer; Stage Manager, Brendon Martin.

Four-Sided Triangle was presented as part of the TURGENEV FEST, celebrating the bicentennial of Ivan Turgenev, at St. Petersburg University, Russia.

September 2018, Euripides' Hecuba (Hekavi), Michael Cacoyannis Foundation Theater, Athens, Greece


In September 2018, SRT mounted a production of Euripides' Hecuba (Ekavi), translated and directed by Rush Rehm, with choreography by Aleta Hayes, in Athens, Greece, at the Michael Cacoyannis Foundation theater with an all Greek professional cast. SRT was proud to bring this great tragedy back to the city of its origin. Performed in English, with Greek supertitles, Hecuba starred Kerasia Samara in the title role and Socrates Alafouzos in the roles of Odysseus and Polymnestor. For more information, see https://www.mcf.gr/index.php/en/events/event/0/68-theatre/3705-euripides-hecuba-stanford-repertory-theater                                                                                                                                              

Television interview: https://webtv.ert.gr/ert1/themata/ekavi-sto-michalis-kakogiannis-me-tin-kerasia-samara/

See video trailer of the Athens production:

Greek press coverage: 

For background on this exciting initiative, please see here.

For more information, see: http://www.mcf.gr/index.php/en/pages/joomla-content/all-categories/1468-euripides-hecuba-stanford-repertory-theater.

JULY - AUGUST 2018, Nevertheless They Persisted: Euripides' Hecuba/Helen

Chorus Hecuba_Helen.jpeg

Translated and directed by Rush Rehm; adapted by Rush Rehm and Courtney Walsh.

With Courtney Walsh, Joe Estlack, Douglas Nolan, Jenny Brick,Benoît Monin, Lea Claire Zawada, Brennan Pickman-Thoon, Shayan Hooshmand, Amber Dale Levine, Gianna Clark, Brenna McCulloch, Emma Rothenberg, and Regan Lavin.

JULY - AUGUST 2017, The Many Faces of Farce - Chekhov’s The Bear, The Proposal, The Anniversary and 33 Swoons

2017 Past Seasons photo.jpg

Directed by SRT Associate Artistic Director Alex Johnson, written by Anton Chekhov with the SRT company ensemble.

European Workshops 2017 

In 2017, SRT presented workshops on performing Samuel Beckett at L’école normale superièure in Paris, and on Greek tragic choruses at the Michael Cacoyannis Foundation in Athens, Greece. 



October 2016, DEmocratically Speaking

Dem speaking screenshot.png

A co-production of SRT, Ethics in Society, Stanford Peace + Justice Studies Initiative, and TAPS, Democratically Speaking explored the idea and realities of "democracy," from ancient Greece to the disastrous 2016 US election.

Directed by Lindey Manoan; script assembled by Rush Rehm

with David Arrow, Christopher Carter, Sukanya Chakrabarti, Charlotte Dubache-Reinold, Thomas Freeland, David Koppel, and Lauren Stagger


JULY - AUGUST 2016, Theater Takes a StaND - Waiting for Lefty and Slaughter City

Clifford Odets' Waiting for Lefty, directed by Marty Pistone

with Thomas Freeland, Austin Caldwell, Tess McCarthy, Louis McWilliams, Andre Amarotico, Fiona Maguire, Dante Belletti, Christopher Carter, and Levi Jennings.

Waiting for Lefty Press:

Fiona Maguire, Louis McWilliams, and Leontyne Mbele in  Slaughter City

Fiona Maguire, Louis McWilliams, and Leontyne Mbele in Slaughter City

Naomi Wallace's Slaughter City, Directed by Alex Johnson

with Leontyne Mbele, Nora Tjossem, Louis McWilliams, Fiona Maguire, Thomas Freeland, Dorian Lockett, and Austin Caldwell.

Slaughter City Press:

Symposium, "Theater and Labor." Keynote: Barry Witham, Shannon Jackson

Spring 2016, Words and Images to End All Wars

Words (and Images) to End All Wars commemorated the centenary of World War I, at Oshman Hall, McMurtry Building, Friday April 29 - Sunday May 1. A revised version of SRT's earlier Words to End All Wars, the production included projections of visual art produced during the Great War. Directed by Rush Rehm, the cast included Austin Caldwell, Thomas Freedman, Emma Jackson-Smith, Alex Johnson, Shelly Johnson, Kathleen Kelso, and Cody Stocker (saxophonist). 

The production received a Noel Coward Society Endorsement for including sections from Coward's anti-war play Post Mortem.


Spring 2016, Clytemnestra: Tangled Justice

Clytemnestra: Tangled Justice, adapted from Aeschylus' Oresteia by Rush Rehm, with Courtney Walsh. 

Performed at:

  • Hellenic American College Theater, Athens, Greece

  • Trianon Theater, Nafplion, Greece

  • Ring Family Performing Arts Hall, Wesleyan University

Media and Press:


JULY - AUGUST 2015, Noel Coward Festival - Hay Fever and Cowardy Custard

Andre Amarotico in  Hay Fever

Andre Amarotico in Hay Fever

Noël Coward’s Hay Fever, Directed by Lynne Soffer
with Courtney Walsh, Deb Fink, Austin Caldwell, Kiki Bagger, Bruce Carlton, Catherine Luedtke, Kathleen Kelso, Andre Amarotico, and Rush Rehm.

Media and Press:

Symposium, "Noël Coward: Art, Style, and Decadence." Keynote by Nicholas Jenkins  

Cowardy Custard, Compiled and directed by Brendon Martin
with Andre Amarotico, Samantha Williams, Ellen Woods, and Dante Belleti.

Cowardy Custard Reviews:

May 2015, Galileo

Bertolt Brecht’s The Life of Galileo, Directed by SRT Artistic Director Rush Rehm
with Alex Johnson, Christopher Carter, Ryan Hunter, Shelley Lynne Johnson, Tom Freeland, Alex Cheng, Emma Jackson-Smith, Paul Rosenfeld, Victor Verdejo, Publio Adrianza, Sage Behr, Matt Smith, Jeffrey Abbidor, and Shu Chen Ong.

Media and Press:

January 2015, Words To End All Wars

Words To End All Wars, Compiled and Directed by Rush Rehm
with Thomas Freeland, Shelley Lynn Johnson, Alex Johnson, Rush Rehm, Ian Anstee, Emma Jackson-Smith, Patrick O'Hare, Ellen Woods, and Tasneem Nanji (saxophone).

Media and Press:

December 2014, Samuel Beckett - Happy Days/O les beaux jours, Paris, France


Directed by Rush Rehm, with Courtney Walsh as Winnie, Théâtre de l'École normale supérieure, Paris, France

June – August 2014, Orson Welles: Substantial Shadows - War of the worlds and Moby Dick: Rehearsed

War of the Worlds, Directed by Rush Rehm
with David Arrow, Courtney Walsh, Thomas Freeland, Don DeMico, Monica Cappuccini, Weston Gaylord, Sarah Gage, Dante Belletti, Noemi Berkowitz, Brigitte Wittmer, Elizabeth Knarr, Angela Yeung, and Kristen Dekker

David Arrow in  War of the Worlds

David Arrow in War of the Worlds

Rod Gnapp in  Moby Dick - Rehearsed

Rod Gnapp in Moby Dick - Rehearsed

May 2014, J.B. Priestley - An Inspector Calls

Andre Amarotico in  An Inspector Calls

Andre Amarotico in An Inspector Calls

October – November 2013, Beckett- Happy Days/O les beaux jours (Montpellier, France and San Francisco)

Courtney Walsh in  Happy Days

Courtney Walsh in Happy Days

Summer 2013, He’s Funny That Way: Wilde and Beckett - THe Importance of Being Earnest and Happy Days

Austin Caldwell and Jessica Waldman in The Importance of Being Earnest

Austin Caldwell and Jessica Waldman inThe Importance of Being Earnest

April - July 2013, Brecht - The Exception and the Rule

Tom Freeland and Courtney Walsh in  The Exception and the Rule

Tom Freeland and Courtney Walsh in The Exception and the Rule

The Exception and the Rule, Directed by Rush Rehm
with Tom Freeland, April Green, Carolyn MacDonald, Courtney Walsh, and Basel Al-Naffouri
at Stanford University, Eastside College Preparatory School (East Palo Alto), Gunn High School (Palo Alto), Vi in Palo Alto, and the San Francisco Labor Council/Bay Area Labor Fest, Plumbers Local 38 Union Hall, 1621 Market Street, San Francisco (July 22, 2013, at 7:30 pm).

Media and Press:

Fall 2012, Re-staging Wanderings of Odysseus (Athens, Greece and Palo Alto, CA)

Angela Farr Schiller in  Wanderings of Odysseus

Angela Farr Schiller in Wanderings of Odysseus


The Wanderings of Odysseus, Translated by Oliver Taplin, Directed by Rush Rehm
with Jeffrey Bihr, Peter Ruocco, Courtney Walsh, Paul Baird, Angela Farr Schiller, Ariel Mazel-Gee, Taylor Brady

  • Michael F. Cacoyannis Foundation Mainstage, Athens, Greece

  • Nitery Theater, Stanford University

Media and Press:

Summer 2012, Sam Shepard Festival - Curse of the starving class

Max Sosna-Spear in  Curse of the Starving Class

Max Sosna-Spear in Curse of the Starving Class

2011, Memory Play Festival - Betrayed, Under the Milk wood, Old Times, Oedipus, Poetics of Aging, Copenhagen

Rush Rehm and Cristina Anselmo in  Old Times

Rush Rehm and Cristina Anselmo in Old Times

Betrayed, Directed by Rush Rehm
with Tomer Perry, Basel Al-Naffouri, Paul Princen, Zahar Habib Ghazi, Ranjita Chakravarty

Under Milk Wood, Directed by Rush Rehm
with Jeffrey Bihr, Patrick Jones, Kay Kostopoulos, Courtney Walsh, Tom Freeland, Roselyn Hallett, Rachel Kayhan.

Old Times, Directed by Jeffrey Bihr
with Cristina Anselmo, Courtney Walsh, Rush Rehm

Oedipus, Directed by Matt Moore
with Tom Freeland, Courtney Walsh, Leigh Marshall, Raine Hoover, Max Sosna-Spear, Anneka Kumli, Sukanya Chakrabarti.

Poetics of Aging (scenes from Sophocles, Euripides, Shakespeare, Beckett), Poetics of Aging Conference, San Francisco
with Tom Freeland, Peter Ruocco, Ariel Mazel-Gee, Courtney Walsh

Copenhagen, Directed by Rush Rehm
with Peter Ruocco, Julian Lopez-Morillas, Courtney Walsh

Media and Press:

Summer 2010, Around the Fire: Homer in Performance - The Wanderings of Odysseus, Embers of War: The Iliad Onstage, Omeros

Paul Baird in The Wanderings of Odysseus

Paul Baird inThe Wanderings of Odysseus

Summer 2009, Electra Festival - Electra, Libation Bearers, Electra

Courtney Walsh in Sophocles'  Electra

Courtney Walsh in Sophocles' Electra

Sophocles' Electra, Directed by Rush Rehm, translated by Anne Carson
with Valentina Conde, L. Peter Callender, Kay Kostopoulos, Katharine Hawthorne, Luke Taylor, and Courtney Walsh

Aeschylus' Libation Bearers, Translated and directed by Rush Rehm

Euripides' Electra, Translated and directed by Rush Rehm

Symposium: "Public and Private Vengeance—Electra and the Trojan War."  Keynote: Richard Martin

Media and Press:

2009 Eudora Welty at 100

SRT presented an evening of Eudora Welty stories, followed by a lecture by Welty scholar and Suzanne Marrs, sponsored by Stanford Continuing Studies, starring Aleta Hayes, Courtney Walsh, and Rush Rehm. The performance toured Mississippi in 2013, with performances at Millsaps College, Mississippi State University, and Alcorn State University in 2013, featuring Angela Farr Schiller, Courtney Walsh, and Rush Rehm.

Summer 2008, Brian Friel - Translations and Faith Healer

Andy Robinson in  Faith Healer

Andy Robinson in Faith Healer

Summer 2007, Africa on Stage: Let Us Tell You a Story - Tings they happen, Les Blancs, Farewell to a cannibal rage, Oak Oak Oracle, Miracle in Rwanda

Anthony J. Haney and Anne Hallinan in  Les Blancs

Anthony J. Haney and Anne Hallinan in Les Blancs

Tings Dey Happen, Developed and performed by Dan Hoyle, Directed by Charlie Varon

Les Blancs, Directed by Harry J. Elam, with Anthony J. Haney, Rush Rehm, Courtney Walsh, Kieleil Deleon, Aleta Hayes

Farewell to a Cannibal Rage, Directed by Rachel Anderson

Oda Oak Oracle, Adapted by Rush Rehm, directed by Aika Swai

Miracle in Rwanda, Created and performed by Leslie Lewis Sword

Media and Press

Summer 2006, Wicked Wit: Rakes and Rebellion in the Restoration - Restoration Comedy and Don Juan in Hell

Leith Burke and Kay Kostopoulos in  Restoration Comedy

Leith Burke and Kay Kostopoulos in Restoration Comedy

Summer 2005, Harold Pinter Festival - Night, The Lover, The Applicant, The Collection, Press Conference, Special Offer, The New World Order

Rush Rehm and Kay Kostopoulos in  The Lover

Rush Rehm and Kay Kostopoulos in The Lover

2003, Serious Laughter - Lysistrata

Musical mayhem in  Lysistrata

Musical mayhem in Lysistrata

2002, Theater and Politics - Biedermann and the Firebugs

Scene from  Biedermann and the Firebugs

Scene from Biedermann and the Firebugs

2001, Theater of the Absurd - The Chairs and The Bald Soprano

Geoff Hoyle in  The Chairs

Geoff Hoyle in The Chairs

2000, Beckett Festival - Waiting for Godot, Act Without Words, Quad, Footfalls

Geoff Sobelle in  Waiting for Godot

Geoff Sobelle in Waiting for Godot

Waiting for Godot, directed by Aleksandra Wolska
with Geoff Hoyle, Jarek Truszczynski, Geoff Sobelle, Rush Rehm

Act Without Words and Quad, Directed by Jarek Truszczynski

Footfalls, Directed by Jaime Lyons

Symposium, "Inspiring Prospects—On the Lookout for Samuel Beckett." Keynote: Marjorie Perloff

Media and Press:

1998, A Brecht Centennial

When the Shark Bites— A Brecht/Weill Cabaret, Directed by Aleksandra Wolska
with Jarek Truzczynski, Joya Martucello, Margaret Allen, Jeff Schwartz, Rush Rehm, and John Wright

Symposium, "Bert Brecht and Kurt Weill - The Collaboration." Keynote: James Sheehan

Media and Press:

1997, Chekhov Festival - Uncle Vanya and The Bear

Uncle Vanya, Directed by Jarek Truzczynski,
with James Shelby, Aleksandra Wolska, Rush Rehm, John Allen, Lucja Kwasniak, Ada McDaniel

The Bear, directed by Aleksandra Wolska and Rush Rehm

Symposium, "Brother Anton—The Life and Theater of Anton Chekhov", Keynote: Simon Karlinsky

Media and Press: 

The Roots of Stanford Repertory Theater


1993 Democracy 2500: Euripides’ Suppliant Women

Memorial Auditorium, Stanford University; Union Square, San Francisco; Folger Library Theater, Washington, DC. 

Directed by Rush Rehm, with Kathleen Turco-Lyon, Mark Capri, L. Peter Callender, Sandy Kelly Hoffman, Jeffrey Bihr, Steven Anthony Jones, David Arrow, Stacey Zonka, and Anna Deavere Smith 

Choreography by Ze’eva Cohen, Original Music by Michael Keck, Set, Costume, and Projection Design by John B. Wilson, Lighting by Michael Ramsaur, Masks designed by Winter Mead) 

Democracy 2500 Keynote speakers: Martha Nussbaum, Benjamin Barber, Orlando Patterson. Video can be seen here

Media and Press:

2.20.1993 San Jose Mercury News

2.19.1993 San Francisco Examiner

2.18.1993 San Francisco Chronicle

2.18.1993 Peninsula Times Tribune

2.14.1993 San Jose Mercury News

2.11.1993 Stanford Daily

2.10.1993 Palo Alto Weekly

2.10.1993 Campus Report

2.5.1993 Stanford Observer


1992 The Wanderings of Odysseus, Getty Villa, Malibu, California

Directed by Rush Rehm, Translated by Oliver Taplin, with Andy Robinson, Bairbre Dowling, Josh Clark, Paige Leong, Michael Santo, Tony Amendola, and John Fitzgerald (musician) 

Set Design by John B. Wilson, Costume Design by Mark Wendland, Lighting Design by R. Stephen Hoyes, and Sound Design by Jon Gottlieb.

Media and Press:

10.15. 1992 The Hellenic Journal 

10.2.1992 http://articles.latimes.com/1992-10-02/entertainment/ca-101_1_director-rush-rehm-s-staging 

10.2.1992 http://articles.chicagotribune.com/1992-10-02/news/9203300022_1_rush-rehm-actors-monster 

10.2.1992 Los Angeles Daily News

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10.2.1992 Antelope Valley Press

9.30.1992 Claremont Courier

9.13.1992 http://articles.latimes.com/1992-09-13/entertainment/ca-1514_1_fall-theater-season

8.26.1992 Beverly Hills Today