On February 2, 2019, SRT presents Democratically Speaking at the Marines Memorial Theater, San Francisco,part of the Democracy Then and Now program of Humanities West. Originally developed before the disastrous 2016 US elections, SRT's Democratically Speaking features Gabriella Grier, Thomas Freeland, Gianna Clark, and Rush Rehm.

For information and tickets, please visit the Humanities West website:  http://humanitieswest.net/democracy-now-ancient-greece-week-february-2-2019/

Hear SRT Artistic Director Rush Rehm discuss Democratically Speaking on KALW's Open Air, broadcast January 17, 2019:

Stanford Repertory Theater presented Four-Sided Triangle, our adaptation of Ivan Turgenev's A Month in the Country, at St. Petersburg State University's international celebration of Turgenev's bicentennial in November 2018. Directed by SRT Artistic Director Rush Rehm, Four-Sided Triangle featured Gabrielle Grier, Benoit Monin, Emma Rothenberg, and Gabe Wieder, with costume design by Connie Strayer. Brendon Martin was our Technical Director and Stage Manger. You can read more about this here.

In September 2018, SRT mounted a production of Euripides' Hecuba, translated and directed by Rush Rehm, with choreography by Aleta Hayes, in Athens, Greece, at the Michael Cacoyannis Foundation theater with an all Greek professional cast. SRT was proud to bring this great tragedy back to the city of its origin. Performed in English, with Greek supertitles, Hecuba starred Kerasia Samara in the title role and Socrates Alafouzos in the roles of Odysseus and Polymnestor. For more information, see https://www.mcf.gr/index.php/en/events/event/0/68-theatre/3705-euripides-hecuba-stanford-repertory-theater 



Television interview:



Greek press coverage: 


http://www.tanea.gr/2018/09/04/lifearts/i-kerasia-samara-ginetai-mia-agglida-ekavi https://www.protagon.gr/epikairotita/politismos/hecuba-ekavi-tou-evripidi-apo-to-stanford-repertory-theater-sto-theatro-tou-imk-44341677708 

















For background on this exciting initiative, please see here.

For information about SRT's production of Euripides' Hecuba, translated and directed by Rush Rehm, at the Michael Cacoyannis Foundation (MCF) in Athens, Greece, please visit the MCF website. Click HERE for tickets.

For more information, see: http://www.mcf.gr/index.php/en/pages/joomla-content/all-categories/1468-euripides-hecuba-stanford-repertory-theater.

See video trailer of the Athens production:

REVIEWS for SRT's Hecuba/Helen, which played July 26 - August 19, 2018 at Stanford's Roble Studio Theater

From Lily Janiak, San Francisco Chronicle:

"Aleta Hayes’ choreography ... keeps Hecuba/Helen ceaselessly dynamic ... This group of young women is constantly darting about the space, pitching, heaving and lunging their limbs, arranging and rearranging themselves like electrons that then pause for an instant to blossom into a kaleidoscopic pattern."

"The script demands that Walsh mine symphonic range out of grief ... A few bold choices, like a foray into song, lend new shading to suffering; she’s like Shakespeare’s Ophelia, at once fathoming too much and not fathoming at all, the song both a veil over a clouded gaze and a clear-eyed immersion into sadness, the likes of which those who hold onto sanity can never know."

"It’s always invigorating to witness one of Western theater’s titanic women, but to see two of them in implied dialogue with one another opens up a new range of possibilities, both for classic drama and for our own."


From Ande Jacobson, A Good Reed Review:

"a stroke of inspiration ... Stanford Rep is known for their unique takes on challenging works, and this year’s production continues that tradition. ... Don’t miss this production."

"Courtney Walsh eloquently plays the title roles of Hecuba and Helen ... Her characters’ cunning and refusal to surrender to authority despite horrific odds are admirable and gripping to watch. While both roles are strong women, Walsh makes each unique, displaying their disparate strengths."

"Composer and sound designer Michael Keck creates a masterful backdrop of sea sounds and original ancient-sounding music to enhance the action. The sound plot is ever-present and accentuated by projections including gorgeous Nile river shots, exquisite sand formations, pyramids, and stellar phenomena."


SRT's 2017 The Many Faces of Farce was nominated for a Theater Bay Area Critics Award for best production in the South Bay. "It’s a wonderful production, well performed and well directed. … an entertaining and thoughtful evening of theater.”  Palo Alto Daily Post

SRT's 2016 production of Odet's Waiting for Lefty: "Kudos to Stanford Repertory Theater and artistic director Rush Rehm for bringing this pithy production to Bay Area audiences." San Jose Mercury News

SRT's 2015 production of Coward's Hay Fever received three Bay Area Theater Critic Award Nominations: Best Production, Best Costumes (Connie Strayer), Best Supporting Actress (Kathleen Kelso)

SRT's 2014 production of Welles' Moby Dick - Rehearsed received ten Theater Bay Area nominations, and won in four categories: Outstanding Production, Outstanding Ensemble, Outstanding Direction (Rush Rehm and Courtney Walsh), and Outstanding Sound Design (Michael Keck)