To celebrate its 22nd season, Stanford Repertory Theater continues its focus on the climate and environmental crisis, presenting a new production of Voices of the Earth: From Sophocles to Rachel Carson and Beyond, which premiered in as part of SRT and Planet Earth Arts Environment and Social Justice festival in July 2019.  

Compiled by Charles Junkerman and Rush Rehm (who also directs), Voices of the Earth brings together some of the greatest environmental voices from across the centuries and around the globe. A multitude of perspectives on the natural world and our relationship to it come together, often in concert, sometimes in collision. With a cast of 90 different characters – poets, naturalists, scientists, politicos, deniers, and heroes – all of them real, most of them sane, Voices of the Earth presents a kaleidescope of views on the earth we inhabit, and the existential crisis we face. 

Challenging, humorous, frightening, and inspiring, Voices of the Earth provides an intense, 75-minute encounter with beauty and devastation, with dismay and hope, ending – as it must – with a call to action. 

Voices of the Earth performs Friday November 1 and Saturday November 2 (8 pm), and Sunday November 3 (2 pm) at Pigott Theater, Memorial Auditorium, on the Stanford Campus. Tickets are only $5; reservations are strongly recommended. Tickets can be found at: http://taps.stanford.edu/season/

Future productions of Voices of the Earth are planned for the Spring 2020 (Henry Miller Library, Big Sur, details TBA), and in July at the Michael Cacoyannis Theater, Athens, Greece. 

SRT's 2018 Hecuba/Helen received great reviews, including the following from Lily Janiak, San Francisco Chronicle: 

"Aleta Hayes’ choreography ... keeps Hecuba/Helen ceaselessly dynamic ... This group of young women is constantly darting about the space, pitching, heaving and lunging their limbs, arranging and rearranging themselves like electrons that then pause for an instant to blossom into a kaleidoscopic pattern."

"The script demands that Walsh mine symphonic range out of grief ... A few bold choices, like a foray into song, lend new shading to suffering; she’s like Shakespeare’s Ophelia, at once fathoming too much and not fathoming at all, the song both a veil over a clouded gaze and a clear-eyed immersion into sadness, the likes of which those who hold onto sanity can never know."

"It’s always invigorating to witness one of Western theater’s titanic women, but to see two of them in implied dialogue with one another opens up a new range of possibilities, both for classic drama and for our own."

SRT's 2017 The Many Faces of Farce was nominated for a Theater Bay Area Critics Award for best production in the South Bay. "It’s a wonderful production, well performed and well directed. … an entertaining and thoughtful evening of theater.”  Palo Alto Daily Post

SRT's 2016 production of Odet's Waiting for Lefty: "Kudos to Stanford Repertory Theater and artistic director Rush Rehm for bringing this pithy production to Bay Area audiences." San Jose Mercury News

SRT's 2015 production of Coward's Hay Fever received three Bay Area Theater Critic Award Nominations: Best Production, Best Costumes (Connie Strayer), Best Supporting Actress (Kathleen Kelso)

SRT's 2014 production of Welles' Moby Dick - Rehearsed received ten Theater Bay Area nominations, and won in four categories: Outstanding Production, Outstanding Ensemble, Outstanding Direction (Rush Rehm and Courtney Walsh), and Outstanding Sound Design (Michael Keck)